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Standard Private Room

$55 per night 

Private Double Suite

$110 per night (rate includes up to 2 dogs)

Additional Dog in Same Room

$40 per night 

$5 per night additional if you will not be providing food for your dog

Additional Services

$50+ Bath & Brush out before returning home

$35 per 30 minute session - Intro to Agility / Fun Runs, Intro to Scent Work

Call for Rates - Pick up & Drop-off to NYC

Call for Rates - Basic training services


We require that all dogs in our care 

  • Be at least 16 weeks of age

  • Be handleable by staff and safe around other dogs

  • Have a current Distemper/Parvo vaccine

  • Have a current Rabies Vaccine (1 or 3 year) and Certificate

  • Have a current Bordetella vaccine        (must be administered at least 5 days prior to stay)           

  • Flu vaccine highly recommended

  • Be on a topical or oral flea/tick preventative. 


Clear and legible vet records, vaccine clinic documentation, shelter records, or breeder vaccine cards are acceptable proof of vaccinations.

We do not accept self-administered vaccinations.  


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